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Gotham Pizza New York City NYC

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This post comes to us from Jessica at FoodMayhem.  So last night, we were at Marc's going away party (we will miss you Marc), and we met his friend, Eric,who has eaten at 326 by-the-slice pizza places. Wow! So, we agreed that the New York City Slice has gone down in the last ten years and it's hard to find a really good one these days. I usually end up eating the fancy (and more expensive) thin crusts like Numero 28 or Fornino, but sometimes you want a New York City style slice. For me, it's a nostalgic reminder of my high school years.

Eric recommended we try Gotham Pizza 1443 York Ave, New York 10021 Btwn 76th & 77th St Phone: 212-288-8085. It's kind of in between the New York City slice and a thin crust, the cheese and sauce being more traditional New Yorker, while the crust is a bit thinner. To be picky (as always), it's heavy on the oregano for me, but otherwise tastes good, and the oregano doesn't bother me too much. Our favorite part is the crust, made crunchy by the panko-like crumbs on the bottom side. Another upside it that it's not greasy, but it's also not as filling. The large pie, half sausage (Lon's way of eating it), half plain (my way of eating it), is 8 slices, but they are small and thin, so it could easily be eaten by two people. The price of $17.50 was reasonable and since Kasi (Lon's sister) lives a few blocks away, we'll probably eat there again.  I give Gotham Pizza in New York City 5 out of 8 slices.

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