Give Pizza a Chance Portland, OR

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Give Pizza a Chance Portland, OR

Posted By: BurgerDogBoy
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Mrs. BurgerDogBoy has been suggesting I get to “Give Pizza A Chance“ since she read about it in Portland Monthly. Funny, I hadn’t tried it, I hit that food pod quite a bit. In the pic of the stand, you can see “Swamp Shack” next to it, some great Creole food, and next to that, “Tabor“, who makes an excellent schnitzelwich!

On to the pizza. I ambled by shortly before noon, and perused the pies on offer, the big rack has a stack of ‘em, with little handmade signs describing their toppings.

I went with a slice of their all meat pie, pepperoni, sausage, C-bacon. It’s a thin crust effort (tho they have deep dish as well), and they boast about their organic flour and locally sourced meats. A little sign out front says the pepperoni is now from Otto’s. Nice.

By most pizza eater’s definitions, the thin crust is “New York” style, meaning you’ll find some flex if you want to roll your slice – and you can see this in the “hang.”

The outside is crispy while the innards are chewy, always a miracle to me. Light on cheese and sauce, some scattered salty pork parts, this is a great pie, and someday I’ll grab a whole one and nosh on it for days (they are big!)

Give Pizza a Chance gets 6 out of 8 slice.

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