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Giovanni’s Pizza Boca Raton

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My New Year’s Resolution for 2009 was to end the year with an empty email inbox.  I started the year with 1,000 emails and get about 200 legit emails a day, so this was no easy task.  While some emails only require seconds to respond or delete, most take 2-3 minutes of work.  Some obviously take much longer.  These are usually very labor intensive work emails, and I can’t complain about them because usually they result in me making money.  It is my job after all.
There was one particular email I received in Mid 2009 that couldn’t fit into any of these categories and so it languished away in my inbox for months.  It was from the owner of Giovannis Pizza on Federal Highway in Boca Raton.  He asked us here at Worst Pizza to re-review his place, as the current review was from the old owner.  The new owner, Nick, bought the place in February.  He wrote “…i do put a lot of effort to make the best taste pizza as ever .......and i do try to improve my tecniques every single day ........If you would give this place a chance i would be please to have you in,and have some of your advices .....Thanks for your time.”
With my email inbox dwindling to empty, I called the Pizza Expert to set up a lunch.  Sure, we wanted to give a fair shake to a new small business owner, but most of all I needed to mark this email as done.
In keeping with our 2010 New Year’s Resolutions, The Pizza Expert and I managed to schedule a lunch between each of our gym sessions.
Having never been here before, I was surprised how small it was.  I always pictured a big restaurant if it is going to serve Chicago Pizza and Beer.  And this was a small place, with a few tables and 2 booths.  Almost the size of a take-out joint.  We ordered a large Chicago Pie, as we were under the impression that this was the specialty.  The counter-lady was a little surprised and warned us it will take 30 minutes.  We said this was fine and started to wait (to my friends on Twitter, as you can imagine 30 minutes with @lapp passes very quickly).
When the pizza came out, it looked FANTASTIC and it SMELLED Fantastic.  As always, Pizza Expert and I whipped out our camera phones and started documenting this work or art.  (Why are you taking pictures of my pizza? Counter-Lady asked.  Because it’s so beautiful I answered).
The first bite was delicious.  Now I am not a Chicago Pizza fan.  Didn’t care for Uno’s, Due’s, or Gino’s on my few trips to Chicagoland.  I do like Lou Malnati's by Mail, and this reminded of same.  Not exactly the same buttery crust, but very tasty.  There was mozzarella cheese everywhere.  Stuffed under the crust.  Stuffed in the outer crust.  There may have even been cheese stuffed INTO MORE CHEESE.  Just delicious.  And not too heavy.
We then spoke to the owners father.  I thought he was a potential customer, asking us how the pizza was, but then he told us he made it!  That was a surprise.  He is from NY, and I questioned him on how he learned Chicago Pizza and I am still not sure of the answer, so as much as I liked the pizza, I couldn’t help but think that a reviewer from New York considering a Chicago Pizza made by a New Yorker in Florida couldn’t possibly have much street cred.  But again, I enjoyed the pizza.  I wondered if toppings such as Pepperoni or Sausage would enhance the pizza or distract from it.  Maybe on the next visit.  And there will be a next visit, because I want this pizza again.  Exactly the same way.  Or with toppings.  Or the stuffed crust thin pie.  Or the NY style.  Unless the 2010 New Year’s Resolution keeps me far away.
Since the last review here on, this place has greatly improved.  I will give it 6 of 8 slices, despite the take-out décor and outside bathroom.

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