Giovanni’s Coal Fire Pizza Parkland

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Giovanni’s Coal Fire Pizza Parkland

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giovannis.jpgcoalpizza.jpgGiovanni's Pizza in Parkland shows that they are award winning pizza on the menu. My experience there makes me wonder why the place was so crowded. Originally I thought to go there and try it (even though everyone I knew told me to stay away) in hopes of using it for a PizzaTweetup, since they have plenty of space there.

cottobene.jpgFrom what I gather COTTO BENE means cooked well done. This pizza was barely cooked at all. As you can see from the photos, the crust was raw, and the cheese wasn't even fully melted. I was actually kind of shocked at how little they cared about the food they served to me. Any pizza maker who was paying attention would have seen that this pizza was far from cooked well done.

Now onto the service. When I first sat down the place was almost empty. It did however fill up fast. Even during the empty time, I couldn't manage to get my waitresses attention and get a refill on my drink. I even tried to make eye contact with some of the other staff to see if I could get them to come by, but they were too busy talking to each other by the counter.

Giovanni's is a place I can safely say I will not be going back to. Anyone who goes there and thinks their pizza is amazing, has obviously not tried some of the other "coal style" pizza places in the nearby vicinity. It is a shame to see a place like this, go into such a beautiful shopping plaza, and spend a ton on their interior appearance, only to serve lousy food. One of the positive things I could say about this place, is that their price is right. It isn't like they are charging exorbitant prices for the low quality food they are serving. It is kind of shocking to me that a fellow reviewer and pizza enthusiast Jeff Eats, would consider this some of the best Coal Pizza down in Florida. He actually rated it as number 6! Usually we agree on most places, but I find his review of this place extremely off.

Giovanni's Pizza gets 2 out of 8 undercooked slices.

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