Giorgio’s Brick Oven Pizza Pizza Fort Lauderdale

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Giorgio’s Brick Oven Pizza Pizza Fort Lauderdale

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giorgios.jpggiorgiospizza.jpgWas heading out with my friend Stu (the one who thought Jack's was good, hey everyone deserves a second chance..right?) to pick up another mutual friend at the Fort Lauderdale Airport today.  Upon arriving at the terminal we discovered there was an hour delay and needed something to do with our spare time.  Stu looked over at me, with this mysterious look, and said "you wanna have a slice or two before he gets here"?

So we end up leaving the airport and heading towards downtown Fort Lauderdale.  Along the way I recalled that there was a place people have suggested I try on 17th called Giorgio's Brick Oven Pizza. So we located it and went in to take a try.

Giorgio's was pretty busy considering it was a Monday afternoon.  We went up to the counter to order, and the guy behind the display case asked us what we wanted, in an accent that he must have practiced while watching too many Soprano reruns.  I could just picture him standing in front of the TV saying: whatis what yous want, over and over again.  He had an attitude to match the fake accent, and a white tshirt on to further look the part.  All he needed was a diamond necklace saying "tough guy" to complete the act. Even the shirts the employees wear there say FUHGEDDABOUTIT.

We were informed by Don Corleone that they don't serve slices there, and if we want slices we could leave and go to Vito's around the corner.  So we asked what they do serve there, and he responded Pizza.  Finally we figured out they serve individual and full size pies.  We ordered a small pie, which we were informed we weren't able to do at the counter if we were eating in, and instead had to sit and order from the server.

After waiting a bit, our server came and took our order.  Stu wanted his half of the pizza with some toppings and I got my half plain.  Giorgio's has a Brick Oven..burning wood, which I think they might have heated improperly.  How else could you explain the amount of time it took for this 10 inch pie to come out?  Normally a wood fired pizza will take approximately 6 minutes to cook.  This one took over 20 minutes.  20 minutes extra with Stu is like an eternity!

When the pie finally arrived the first thing I noticed was how nicely they separated the plain half from Stu's concoction.  This shows they took their time preparing the pie initially, and when cutting it.  I picked up my first slice, and couldn't believe the amount of flour still on it.  I literally had to wipe my hands several times after picking up the slice just once.  If I thought the flour was too much, then the oregano was just overkill.  Giorgio's why are you trying so hard to cover up your taste?  Are your other ingredients that terrible that you must use this excessive amount of enhancers?

Giorgio's really didn't do much for me, but I have had plenty of worse pies in the area.  Giorgio's gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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