Giordano’s Stuffed Pizza in Kissimmee, FL

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Giordano’s Stuffed Pizza in Kissimmee, FL

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Not long after my initial experience with Giordano's Pizza, I ended up eating at one of their other touristy locations with some visiting relatives. This Giordano's is in a Chinese themed strip mall on 192 in Kissimmee. The mall is near the former site of Splendid China, and although the park has sat abandoned for years, the mall still looks very pagoda-like. From the outside, it felt like Giordano's should have been a Chinese restaurant.

On this visit, two pizzas were ordered. One was a small stuffed pizza filled with green peppers and pepperoni. The meal started out with everyone at the table sharing cheese covered garlic bread and a chopped salad.

The other was a thin crust pizza topped with half mushrooms and half ground beef. I focused mainly on the stuffed pizza since that's what Giordano's is famous for. I liked the topping combination and noticed that their sauce was really tasty while eating this pie. The pizza was still really cheesy, but wasn't overflowing like on my last visit to their Apopka-Vineland location. Perhaps the pizza had a bit more time to set, or maybe they used a better cheese/topping ratio.

As for the thin crust pizza, don't bother. I tried a slice of the pie and it reminded me of Donatos Pizza. Donatos was the (former) McDonald's owned pizza chain that was very short lived in the Orlando area, and for a good reason too. Donatos' pizza was horrible. Definitely go for what Giordano's specializes in and get the Chicago Style stuffed pizzas.


Stuffed Pizza: 6 out of 8 Slices
Thin Crust: 1 out of 8 Slices

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