Giordano’s Pizza Lake Buena Vista

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Giordano’s Pizza Lake Buena Vista

Posted By: Jim
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Giordano's.jpgWhen in Orlando, I usually like to hit UNO’s for some Chicago style deep dish pizza. On the way there, I saw a billboard for GIORDANO’s Pizza- just a few blocks away on Apopka-Vineland road in Lk Buena Vista. This was a good thing. Years ago there was an UNO’s at Towncenter in Boca. Too bad for all though, it has been gone for awhile so now I get deep dish only when I travel.

I had never been to Giordano’s and was excited to give their deep stuff a try. I was happy to have this unexpected option…Uno’s seems to have drifted toward frozen pizza aisle, store bought sub-mediocrity.

Giordano’s Chicago deep dish was impressive. The pizza was thick with cheese and ingredients that were fresh cut and tasty (we had pepperoni and onion) not pre-packaged minced stuff. The crust was flaky and flavorful and did not dominate the pie, but there could have been a bit more pepperoni for my taste. Our server, “T” was friendly and had the looks and bubble that reminded me of SNL’s Victoria Jackson.

It’s a solid 6 of 8 slices!

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