Gino’s Pizza Holbrook, Long Island

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Gino’s Pizza Holbrook, Long Island

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I didn't make it to Gino's for lunch, but I did get there during dinner time. Gino's Pizza in Holbrook isn't too fancy inside, just a regular grab your slice and sit down pizza place. Gino's was pretty busy considering the time of night we went, and people were still coming for take out orders. I ordered a regular slice and a Sicilian slice, but we will only focus on the regular style slice and leave the Sicilian for another review. The counter help could have been a bit nicer when we ordered the slices, but whatever, some pizza is worth not having a nice counter guy for.


When the slice came out I could see that it was cooked properly. The bottom was crispy, the top was oily, and it had an excellent cheese:sauce ratio. My first bite though was nothing exceptional. Maybe my expectations were too high, after hearing about it from others, but this slice wasn't the perfect slice that the others had described to me. I think it was the sauce. It was too acidic and could have used a bit of sweetening. The cheese, wasn't top notch but it was certainly edible.  The crust was the best part of this. I am well aware that I am holding Gino's Pizza to a higher standard than other places. I just feel like when people tell me it is the best, that I should go there and have an incredible slice. This was not the case. It was DEFINITELY better than any regular place outside Long Island, and if this place was located in Dallas for example, I would think it was quite possibly the best slice out there. Since we are in Long Island where there is a pizza place in almost every shopping center, and competition is fierce, you need to blow me away to make me think that you have a perfect slice. This wasn't it.  I would however, 100% recommend going there to try a slice, since everyone else cannot be wrong.  There is a good chance that since it was the end of the evening, I just got a bad slice that was out for a long time. I know I will be going back soon to see if it was better the second time.

Gino's Pizza in Holbrook gets 5 out of 8 slices. (yes I know I kind of bashed it above, but that was only because I went there thinking I would be trying the best, but it was still a pretty good slice outside of being the best).









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