Gatsby’s Boca Raton

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Gatsby’s Boca Raton

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Reviewed by Matt

I didn't go to Gatsby's for the pizza.  It's a bar and a pool hall.  The foods good, but I am a pizza purist.  No Califonia Pizza Kitchens for me, no fancy toppings, I like a good old fashioned slice.

However, on Thursday nights, all their pizza's are $4.  I went there recently and we dug in.  The pizzas were good!!!  It's dark inside so the picture did not come out so well, but I enjoyed the pizza.  Better than most places in Boca Raton, FL. A nice size, easily feeds 2 people, and you can't lose for $4.  I give Gatsby's Pizza in Boca Raton 5 out of 8 slices since for $4 I am not finding this elsewhere!

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