Galaxy Pizza Fort Lauderdale Inside The Coral Ridge Mall

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Galaxy Pizza Fort Lauderdale Inside The Coral Ridge Mall

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My wife dragged me to the Coral Ridge Mall the other day. I never even realized there was a "mall" in this location, I just thought that there was a Target, Marshall's and TJ Maxx located in the same strip mall. Once inside the Coral Ridge Mall I quickly learned there wasn't much more to it other than these stores, and a few smaller straggler stores every now and then. I guess there was a reason I had never been in this mall before, and probably won't find myself going back to.

While my wife was looking around in one of the stores mentioned above, I took a walk to see if there was any food around. Mainly I wanted a drink, and not to eat, but when I discovered Galaxy Pizza inside this Fort Lauderdale mall, it seemed only natural to have a taste.

Galaxy Pizza is located in the center of the Coral Ridge Mall. It quickly became evident to me that Galaxy Pizza was the only food place I could see in this tiny mall. As soon as I looked at the sign the foreigner behind the counter asked me what I wanted. All I wanted was a coke, but since they had some pizza laying around I ordered a slice as well for $2.80. I was thinking about a Sicilian slice as well, but it really looked unappealing in the display counter, at least in my opinion. You can tell by the photo that it was probably sitting out there for hours.

When the slice came out it was quite hot. Like sizzling hot! The slice was thin and beyond crisp. This decent size slice of pizza actually looked like it might have some potential. I took my first bit a was relieved that they didn't have too much sauce on their slices. This was a good thing since what sauce they did have, had a kind of bitter aftertaste to it.

Although the cheese at Galaxy Pizza didn't seem like it was a high end brand, it still seemed to taste kind of good. Just extremely oily (which I don't really mind).

I guess I would go back to Galaxy Pizza if I ever find myself in this Coral Ridge Mall again one day. Oh wait, not like I have much of a choice if hungry anyways, since they kind of have a monopoly on food here.

Galaxy Pizza in Fort Lauderdale gets 4 out of 8 slices

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