Fusilli’s Italian Restaurant Pizza Coral Springs

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Fusilli’s Italian Restaurant Pizza Coral Springs

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Normally places seem to cringe when they find out that they have been reviewed by us.  I guess the deceiving name makes them think we are only out to bash places, instead of help them if they are open to it. Fusilli's pizza in Coral Springs is one of the places confident enough to send me an email asking me to come try the pizza.  That says a lot for a place. They are so confident in the quality of their pie, that they would invite the worlds biggest pizza skeptic into their place to try the pizza at some random date in the future. Last night was that random night I decided to show up.

Upon pulling up into the shopping center of this new restaurant I noticed they had a movie theatre and a day care center, both of which could be good business for a reasonably priced pizza place. I parked and started walking towards the loud playful Italian music outside. After walking into the restaurant, I was very impressed with the size of the establishment coupled with the decor. It reminded me of a family Italian place you would find on Long Island.

The waitress tried to seat me, but when I told her I wanted slices, she pointed me to the counter. The counter woman told me it was ok to sit there, and I asked if they had slices.  She wasn't sure but after checking with another lady she told me it wasn't a problem. Before I could ask for my slice, the nice employee told me there is a 2 slice and a soda special for $5.00. Yes, for $5.00 I got two slices and a soda during dinner time. Guess I forgot to mention I went there around 5:00pm, at a time when most restaurants take their customers for granted and would never offer a slice special. This scored big points in my book. I got the special and waited for my slices to arrive.

When my slices came out of the oven, they were extremely hot, yet not burnt.  The pizza guy actually took the time to spin them in the oven and genuinely seemed to care about the slice he was about to serve. The slice was crisp and held up nicely. There seemed to be an abundance of markings from the screen they used during cooking, but it didn't affect the taste. My first bite of this slice made it evident that they were using Grande cheese. There was a hint of another taste into it (most likely a mix of pecorino or something) but it tasted great. The sauce had a nice flavor to it and tasted as homemade as it can get. The crust had a pretty unique taste to it instead of the bland crust you taste around most of the area. It is a shame they used so much flour to prevent me from truly tasting how good it could have been!

Most Memorable Things:

- Friendliness of the staff

- Taste of the cheese

-Price for the quality

Least Memorable Things:

- Excessive flour

- That I couldn't stay longer to have another slice (I saw a fresh pie come out and had to leave)

- That I could only eat the slices at the counter

Fusilli's Pizza gets 5 out of 8 slices and I would definitely recommend this place to others.  I know I will be going back.

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