Franny’s Pizza Brooklyn

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Franny’s Pizza Brooklyn

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frannyspizza.jpgAfter going to Luigi's it is tough to find pizza you will like.  But when we went to Franny's I tried to keep an open mind.  We had nothing but time to kill as we waited for my wife to come and meet us, after spending the day in the city.  Cannot believe she doesn't find as much enjoyment doing pizza tastings with us.

frannysoven.jpgThe oven was nice enough, so one would suppose that the pizza coming out of it would have as much attention to detail as the oven and overall ambiance did. Unfortunately, this was not the case at Franny's Pizza.  I once again want to stress the fact, that we had come from a full day of sampling some of the best pizza I have had.  Franny's Pizza just happened to be last.  There is an excellent chance that if Franny's was the first placed I tried, I might have found it to be much more delicious then it appeared to taste.

When the pizza arrived, I found it to be way under cooked in the center.  Reminiscent of Anthoy's Coal Fired Pizza down in Florida.  Although parts of the crust were well done, the overall sloppiness of the inner section of the pie, made for nothing other then a mess.  The cheese was runny, and the sauce immediately helped slide it off the pie as I lifted it to my mouth.

What I was able to put back together, didn't necessarily have a bad taste.  The sauce was sweet and the crust had a nice flavor to it.  It just lacked the crispiness that I enjoy, when I bite into a wood fired slice.  The bubbles all over the pie didn't make for an extremely awesome presentation either.  So what was left on the pie after it all fell apart were bubbles with no taste to them at all.  Franny's, I suggest you rotate your pies a little bit more in the ovens, and that you take the time to pop the bubbles as the pie cooks. Your staff was well beyond friendly, and they were probably the nicest and most attentive staff of the day, but you really need to put some more TLC in the pie.  Should you get the pie cooked properly, I think you have a winning pizza on your hands.

Franny's Pizza in Brooklyn gets 5 out of 8 slices. I will be back!

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