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Florio’s Pizza Hollywood, Fl

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My oh my has the Hollywood Boardwalk in Florida changed, and for the best. Well, I guess if you ask some it isn't for the best, but one thing is certain during the winter here in Hollywood... If you have a French Canadian accent, and drive poorly, you will fit right in.

It seems Hollywood has become Southern Quebec. It used to be saturated with tourists looking to escape the cold Canadian weather, but I actually found it hard to find someone speaking English on the boardwalk. My son and I were walking on towards the North when we got hungry. Although we passed by several pizza places along the way, we chose Florio's Pizza since it was directly in front of us when he asked to eat.


Like most places along the way, Florio's Italian Restaurant was pretty busy. We ended up getting a table outside and waited for our server. When the server arrived we were informed that they didn't sell slices out here. You have to either take slices to go or find a seat at the counter. Since there were no seats, and we wanted to relax for a moment, we got stuck ordering a pie from a waiter. This is a damn nuisance Florio's.


I ended up ordering a medium pie and specifically asked for it well done. Many other review sites had several complaints about the lack of cooking on the pizza pies here at Florio's of Little Italy so I tried to prevent it. Also ordered a coke with no ice. The soda arrived and had this strange aftertaste. My son and I totally hated this soda. Florio's is also extremely stingy in that they do not offer free refills on this generic cheap tasting soda as well.


Eventually the pizza arrived at the table Upon first look, I was impressed with the size of the slices. They were cut quite bit for a medium pie. The pizza appeared lite on the sauce, which I prefer but had an enormous amount of unpopped bubbled. This proved the pizza maker couldn't take the time to check on the pie and just left it to cook. This is probably why they have so many negative reviews about the pies not being cooked properly on other sites.


The crust was nice and crisp as I lifted the first slice towards my mouth. My first bite revealed a nice tasting cheese with an average sauce. The crust had a very bland taste, and needed some seasoning. The pie was thin, which I enjoyed, but all-in-all it didn't overly impress me. Florio's is the type of place you go to once when on the boardwalk but don't really feel the allure of going back to. There are so many other pizza places to try on the boardwalk that I think I will find a much better tasting pizza elsewhere. The best part of the pie was the cheese, and the fact it was thin and crisp.

Florio's Pizza in Hollywood, FL gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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