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Ferro Pizza Tamarac, FL

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Many years ago when I first moved to Florida from Long Island, I used to take my since departed grandmother out to dinner every Wednesday. Throughout our travels we stopped one day to try Ferro Pizza in Tamarac. Since we all agreed that we enjoyed the food here, it became our safe place to go. The place where none of us really complained about the food, or how hot or cold the soup that came with the meal was.

Since we usually had the dinner specials (very reasonable) at Ferro in Tamarac, I never really had the opportunity to try the pizza. The other day when heading back from the south I decided to stop back in and see what their pizza was like. It had been about 9 years since I set foot into this establishment and safe to say nothing has changed as far as the decor goes.

Ferro Pizza in Tamarac has been open since 1981 and in this sort of area with the sort of clientele that seems to eat there, that is a huge statement about their quality and ability to handle getting yelled at a lot. When we walked into Ferro Pizza in Tamara and weren't sure if we could order from the counter or if we needed to wait to be seated and have the nuisance of a server to get the 2 slices I wanted. So we began the wait, and eventually a waiter named Mike greeted us. Mike definitely reminded me of a younger Barry Manilow and if you go you will ultimately agree with my comparison. I asked him what kind of slices they had today and he tried to look over the counter to check. Even I stood up and couldn't really tell what kind of slices they had ready. I found it odd that Ferro Pizza has the pizza so far back and out of site, instead of on the counter, proudly displaying what they serve. Maybe they weren't proud....what do I know.

We both told Mike we wanted 1 and 1. That means one regular slice and one Sicilian slice for amateurs. I requested a middle slice, but Mike informed us that they do not cut their Sicilian pies with center slices, but he even offered to cut off the crust for me, which is something that no server has recently offered. Mike quickly became more than just a Barry Manilow look-a-like to me. I liked this guy.

While we waited on the slices I noticed that Ferro Pizza offers one free refill of soda. I suppose they have been abused, but even so its kind of petty considering they don't even have brand soda

When the slices came out I was pleased with how nicely sized they were. Both slices possessed a good amount of cheese . I was happy that the regular slices had lite sauce which is good since it was chuncky at parts and I do not enjoy chunky sauces. The regular slice folded nicely like a crisp New York City slice. So far so good.

The crust tasted good, but could have used a bit more flavor to it. It was kind of bland. After pouring some garlic powder on it, it tasted much better

The Sicilian slice had a lot of good tasting cheese but had equally as much sauce and considering the peel and chunks that were found in the sauce, I didn't love this.

They obviously know how to make a Sicilian pie here and the crust tasted way better than the regular slice. Ferro Pizza is a place I would return to, but not if I was in a rush since they make me get waited on. However, since they have a server like Mike there, it made it enjoyable. So as long as they continue to have servers like Mike, and the quality of food they are known for, I think it is safe to say we will see Ferro Pizza in business for many years to come.

Ferro Pizza in Tamarac gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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