Fanatico Pizza Jericho, NY Best Pizza Jericho

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Fanatico Pizza Jericho, NY Best Pizza Jericho

Posted By: Mad Greek
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All in the family! Talk about pizza and fine Italian food! Emelio's of Commack (run by Emelio); Pasteria of Plainview(run by Mike); and Fanatico of Jericho, (run by John).

While there is more than plenty to choose from at the fine dining locale called Fanatico (Fanatic), being uno fanatico della abeetz, I passed up the parlor specials for a draw at the old school artesian with fixings from San Marzano.

What's in a San Marzano margherita pie? Well, I'm glad you asked. For starters, San Marzano tomatoes and fresh mozzarella and fresh garlic and fresh dough and a fresh smile on your face when you eat Fanatico's signature family style, oversized, artesian old school Margherita pizza.

The San Marzano tomatoes are imported from the Branchinelli family, also related to the owners of all three restaurants mentioned above.

And anyone who knows anything about great pizza, knows that it starts and ends with the sauce. When my friends and I go for the home cooked variety, we head straight to Pasteria in Plainview for a quart of the Branchinelli and the rest is history.

Today's pie was a solid 7 of 8 on the artesian scale. But, like Cucina Centro's hand made classic, Fanatico Just missed a perfecto from missing the well done finish for my taste. Fanatico's San Marzano classic scored big on delivery, presentation, taste, style and finish.

I asked for half with sopressata, which was a nice fresh dry sausage cut in strips (a nice change of pace from the traditional circle cuts) which gave a nice smokey sensation to every bite.

This pie is a truly enormous pie that looks larger than life as it is being served up in a gigantic white porcelain serving plate. Although I've labeled the pie an artesian pie, and the menu as much claims the same, in the end, it is a very round, very well prepared, hand made margherita parlor pie.

On the draw, I noticed something very cool. For a big slice to come off the tray and nearly stand horizontally at attention is indeed a rarity. All in all, the Fanatico San Marzano classic margherita pie was simply a pie fit for the Rex Fanatico's of pizzas and one you will not soon forget.

Fanatico Pizza in Jericho Long Island gets 7 out of 8 slices.

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