Famous Original Ray’s Pizza NYC

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Famous Original Ray’s Pizza NYC

Posted By: Matt's Pizza
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famous ray's pizzaThe story of Ray’s Pizza is long and complicated.  Everyone thinks they know which one is the “real” one, and everyone believes they are right.

There is Famous Ray's, Ray's Original, Ray's famous original blah blah blah. However, the one I recently went to was NOT IT.  It was far from the original good tasting Ray's Pizza.  This Ray's location was located on 831 7th Avenue bet 53 and 54th st.  The pizza tasted like wonder bread.

Now I must apologize to the kind folks at wonder bread, because I like wonder bread, but not for pizza.  The sauce was acidic and the cheese bland and rubbery.  This mini-chain may claim to be Famous and Original, but it is not worthy of the mantle.  A warning for tourists everywhere, if you are disappointed at Rays, please remember that this is not what made pizza famous.

Famous Original Ray's Pizza on 7th Avenue gets 2 out of 8 slices.

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