Esposito’s Pizza Davie Florida

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Esposito’s Pizza Davie Florida

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espositos.jpgI was driving down and the road, and the familiar sound of my children bellowing from the backseat, “Daddy, we’re hungry.” I ask, “What would you like to eat?” The reply from the backseat “Pizza.” So we stop at Esposito's Pizza & Restaurant at 2221 S. University Drive in Davie for a couple of slices.

Their tag line is New York Style Pizza Now In Davie, Florida. Now when you put that statement up, you better deliver a good slice.  So I had high expectations while I waited for my triangular delights.

We settled ourselves in one of their booths; the restaurant has ample seating with an allotment of tables and booths.  It is nice little place with New York themed movie posters adoring the walls.

I ordered the lunch special which is $4.75 for two slices and a drink. I ordered mine with pepperoni and the kids split a slice of regular. Now, when I think of New York style I think BIG slices, that did not happen. So when I received two small slices with ample amounts of pepperoni, I was hoping for BIG taste, which did not happen. The slices turned out to be unevenly cooked and bland, in my opinion.

One was doughy and the other crisp. Good amount of cheese, but not enough sauce. There was just not enough flavor for my palate. I was hoping for more New York style.

On a whim I try some of the cheese slices the kids had and they were much better than mine, evenly cooked and a good amount of sauce. If it was not for that I would have not given another thought of going back to Esposito’s.

There are diet pizzas available for the heath conscious pizza eater. Wait is that an oxymoron? Esposito's offers 10 different specialty pizzas as well as a full Italian menu. Also if you are a Twitter user their twitter name is @ESPOSITOSPIZZA where they post up information about their specials.

I give it 4 out of 8 Slices.

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