Dumb Pizza Owners

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Dumb Pizza Owners

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imagesI am not sure I have met a more un-savvy and uneducated technological bunch of business owners as I have in the Pizza Industry. Since it is 2009, I think it is about time for Pizza Owners to realize that there is a thing called the internet and that they should be using it to promote their business, and understand the technology.

Since most places have such little experience on the internet, it always cracks me up when an owner of a place comes onto the comment board and leaves 4-5 comments in a row. Apparently they do not realize that there is such a thing as an IP Address which tracks their precise location. Therefore it enables the administrator of a website such as this to be able to see where the person is located when leaving comments and replies. So when a threatening sounding comment is posted, it seems purely stupid that the person doesn't think a web master could turn this over to the authorities and lead them right to the persons house and/or business.

If you are a pizza owner and do not like a review you received here, all you have to do is contact us and give us your side of the story. We will gladly send another expert reviewer to your establishment for a second opinion. We don't want you to suck, and it isn't our fault you do suck, but if you got a review that says you suck, you should be happy someone is bringing it to your attention here and offering to help make it better.

When you google your establishment, and realize our review comes up highly ranked on google, it is because we are experts, and even google search recognizes us as the pizza authority. Maybe you should consult with us on how to bring your pizza place up higher in search engines. We will gladly help any place that seeks advice.

Participate in the comments, get yourself known here, make changes your customers request here. You would be shocked how much this could help your place.

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