Duffy’s Sports Bar Pizza Boca Raton

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Duffy’s Sports Bar Pizza Boca Raton

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Went with my whole extended family the other day to Duffy's in Boca Raton the other day while they were visiting. Since my sister has quite a few kids, we decided that Duffy's would be the right choice, considering how noisy it is.  In my opinion, given the other choices around the area, Duffy's is a great choice for the family. The kids can go play the video games, or watch one of the dozens of big screen televisions strategically placed throughout the establishment. And to top it all off Duffy's has a great VIP rewards card, that makes others seem like a joke. Just make sure they do not order the pizza!

Since I am trying to turn over a new leaf and not cause a place that doesn't specialize in business to lose any customers over their poor quality of pizza, I will not elaborate too much on what I thought.

Just trust me and do not get the pizza while at one of the many Duffy's locations throughout South Florida. Their other food is just fine, and no reason to chance it with below average pizza that isn't on the main menu anyways. Duffy's has plenty of other kid options to have.

See....even I am becoming nicer in my old age. If they were a pizza joint, I would have been far more condescending about what I ate when I tried my sons pizza there. Please be advised that you will have to deal with a bunch of retired folks who cannot wait more than a minute for their tables to be ready during their discount nights. The manager here has some amazing patience.

So, once again, it is ok to eat at Duffy's, since it is a great casual dining option in town, just do not order the kids pizza. At least in my opinion!

Duffy's doesn't get enough slices to discuss in the post.

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