Dominic’s Pizza II Boca Raton and Rotelli In One Weekend

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Dominic’s Pizza II Boca Raton and Rotelli In One Weekend

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Went to another birthday party Saturday with my four year old son.  The party started at 1:30, so naturally pizza was served at 2:45.  I have been known to have an extra meal or 2, but was unsure exactly why we were eating pizza and cake at 2:45.

To my surprise, the host served pizza from Dominic's II on 9834 Glades Road Boca Raton, FL 33434 Phone: (561) 487-6325.  This pizza was REALLY GOOD.  Sure it wasn’t hot and fresh from the oven, but it tasted fresh and flavorful.  It gave all the other pizzerias that deliver to kids parties no excuse for serving bad pizza. It isn't worth the trip to Costco or the Coupon to Domino's, this host understood that our kid's health came first.

It made me want to go to Dominics’s soon to get more.  The crust held together nicely, without being heavy.  The cheese was real, not overly processed.  It was true NY pizza.  5 of 8 slices.

THE NEXT DAY, my daughter attended a birthday party at the same place and time.  However, the pizza was from ROTELLI, Pizza Pasta Unperfect.  Wish they had taken the time to order from Dominic's again!

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