Dominic’s II Pizza Boca Raton

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Dominic’s II Pizza Boca Raton

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dominics.jpgdominicsI.jpgSince the pizza was so good at Dominic's I the other day, I tried Dominic's II out in West Boca Raton the other day. Dominic's II Pizza is located in the Home Depot shopping center on the corner of Glades and 441.  9834 West Glades Road 561.487.6325.  I believe the owner of Dominic's II is brothers with the owner of Dominic's I.

I am always amazed at how pizza can taste different from place to place.  You would think with the same name, that the ingredients would be the same as well.  My previous experiences at Dominic's I have been amazing.  The Sicilian there is has just been fabulous, and I have gone back a couple of times and experienced the same quality.  The same used to be the case for Dominic's II.  In my previous review of Dominic's II, I found the pizza to be extremely tasty and relatively good! Maybe it is because I ordered a slice from the counter.  This time however, I ordered a whole Sicilian Pie, and just didn't think it was as great as it was the previous time. Don't get me wrong, even on a bad day they are much better then some of their competitors. The pie just tasted kind of blah.  There wasn't a generous amount of cheese, and the sauce wasn't as sweet as it usually is.  The crust was still pretty decent, and I cannot really comment negatively on it.

I am guessing this was just an off day for Dominic's II, so I will continue to frequent Dominic's I for a while instead.  In a couple of months I will go back to II and see if it has gotten better.

Dominic's II gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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