Dom & Louie’s Pizza Boynton Beach

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Dom & Louie’s Pizza Boynton Beach

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photoEric went to a place today and sent me in this review on Dom & Louie's Pizza in Boynton Beach, Florida 561.868.4883.

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While getting my oil changed today, I got hungry and ventured out into the shopping center to see what places were around.  I noticed there was a brand new pizza place that just opened called Dom & Louie's Pizza.  Upon entering this new store, the owner made me feel welcomed.

The cute girl behind the counter didn't hurt either.  For a pizza place, it lacked the certain smell I am used to getting from all the things cooking in the place.  Maybe it is too new to have had the smell attach itself to the walls yet.

Dom & Louie's is run by Jerry, that used to run Romano's Pizza on Federal Highway in Boca Raton.  Raised in Brooklyn, Jerry takes his pizza serious and tries to only serve the best ingredients.  I ordered a slice of regular, since they have yet to add Sicilian to the menu.  When the slice came out, I naturally took a bite.  The crust was very tasty and extremely crispy, which is something I look for in a good slice.  The sauce was pretty good, and did not taste too powerful or too bland.  It was actually the perfect amount of sauce.  The cheese was a nice fresh tasting kind, that was baked to perfection.  Cheese to sauce ratio was perfect as well here.  Maybe I am a little sensitive to salt, but the pizza did seem to have an excess amount of salt in it.

For $5.31 I got 2 slices and a soda, and that is a pretty good deal for this type of quality pie.  While I was in there, this guy had a slice and even ran out to get another friend to bring him back to Dom & Louie's to have a taste himself.  Guess he really loved it.  Personally I do not think this is the best location for a pizza place.  It will not get much foot traffic other then the oil change place.  Located on Hypoluxo across from the Santaluces High School, it is a good thing they deliver to the surrounding areas.  Perhaps they should consider offering some extra incentive to the patrons waiting at the oil change place to bring them in?

It is usually a good sign when the owner of the pizza place emails to ask them to come and try a slice.  Knowing what kind of negative skeptics we are, it certainly shows confidence in the establishment.  Smart move Jerry!

I will give Dom & Louie's 6 out of 8 slices, and it is a place I will certainly frequent from time to time.  Hopefully they will put the air conditioner lower next time I am in.  Good luck guys!

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