District of Pi, Washington DC

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District of Pi, Washington DC

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Until recently, there has been a huge hole in the Washington DC pizza scene when it comes to deep dish pizza. Frustrated local foodies might advise you to go anywhere from Unos (The originator of Chicago style deep dish) to Albertos, to Armand's to (cough) Pizza hut. I’m proud to say that a consensus is finally here! District of Pi is now serving up amazing deep dish pies topped with some of the cities tastiest tomatoes in Penn Quarter!

The hype for District of Pi began shortly after Obama came into office. Many hoped that a good deep dish would follow him from Chicago to DC but no one could have expected him to announce his favorite deep dish as being from St Louis, MO. Shortly after he flew Pi’s chefs to DC, word spread and “The Pi Truck” was born.

Serving up deliciously thick corn meal crusts topped with luxurious rich tomatoes via a truck may not sound appetizing but it immediately won over fans street by street! A few months ago, a home base opened in Penn Quarter where fans of deep dish could fill up before sporting events at Verizon Center or shows at nearby theaters. Within days, word spread and District of Pi became the destination for the best deep dish in DC!

The star of these pies is the perfectly spiced tomatoes that top each deep dish. One bite, and even those from Chicago or New York will have to admit that this is the real deal. A slight garlic taste blends perfectly with the tomatoes and other spices giving each pie a magnificent aroma. The corn meal crust is firm yet not over cooked which allows it to hold its structure without getting messy. Deep within, you’ll find all the toppings you chose. With numerous toppings available, everyone will be happy from the neighborhood vegetarian to carnivores like my dad who won’t eat anything that remotely resembles a vegetable. Although cheesier thin pizzas are available, don’t waste your time getting anything other than deep dish and the fresh garlic bread appetizer which comes with real bulbs of garlic. A few slices will easily fill the belly of the average human being, yet leave you wishing you had space for just one more slice.

District of Pi Pizza in Washington DC earns 6 out of 8 slices.

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  • 910 F Street Northwest Washington, District of Columbia 20004