DiBocca Restaurante Italiano Pizza Madrid Spain

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DiBocca Restaurante Italiano Pizza Madrid Spain

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dibocca.jpgdibocca_madrid.jpgWe are at DiBocca Forno y Cucina Italian Restaurant in Madrid by the Plaza De Sol.  Our evening originally started off on a quest to find some Tapas, but our crawl was ended early due to hunger pains.  My wife and I decided... enough with this already let's get some pizza!

When we saw DiBocca, I couldn't resist.  You cannot help but be drawn into a quaint ambianace with nice white tablecloth.  The restaurant specializes in more then just pizza though. Some of the pastas looked delicious.

I had expected more from this restaurant. Wish I would have ordered some of that handsome looking pasta, but I stuck with what I know, and chose a pizza in stead. The pizza was a bit disappointing. Tt kind of reminded me of frozen pizza like the one I found at Take Away pizza in Barcelona. It had a nice crispy crust, but that is the only thing nice about it. The pizza was lacking some sauce.  The cheese was extremely rubbery, but surprisingly cooked throughout.

If you need an alternative to tapas, it will scratch your itch, but I do not recommend it to anyone else.

DiBocca Pizza in Madrid, Spain gets 1 out of 8 slices.

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