Denino’s Pizzeria & Tavern Staten Island – Best Pizza Staten Island

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Denino’s Pizzeria & Tavern Staten Island – Best Pizza Staten Island

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In the Port Richmond section of Staten Island, NY lies one of the TOP pizza places in New York City. Yes I am basically saying this could be the best pizza in all the boroughs of New York City NYC. I grew up in Staten Island and the debate always raged between Denino’s Pizza and a few other places on Staten Island, but unlike most other pizzerias, Denino’s Pizza seems to get better and better each and every time. I have so many stories about Denino's Pizza, that I don’t even know where to begin. When I moved to Bayonne, NJ I asked my neighbor for a recommendation on where I could get some of the best pizza, and he proceeded to give me directions which involved going over the bridge to Staten Island to get this wonderful pie.

What started out as a bar in 1951 turned into a restaurant with multiple expansions over the years. You never know if you are going to get a table right away or wait an hour, but it doesn’t matter. If you show up and there’s an hour wait, you wait. In the cold, on the street, you wait. Without giving it a second thought, you wait. It is THAT good. Denino’s doesn’t serve pizza by the slice, its whole pies only. But that’s fine with me, I am happy to have some left over pizza the next day IF it’s from Denino’s.

The pies come out of the oven hot and fresh, served on paper plates, nothing fancy or artesian about this, and that is the way pizza should be. It goes well with a pitcher (of beer or soda) and you simply MUST have the Calamari as an appetizer. It is the best! Or you can get the Scungilli. Or the 60/40 as a sandwich or platter (its half meatballs half sausage, but a few more meatballs than sausage, get it? 60/40!). This place is the real deal, check out the timeline on their website, it’s UNBELIEVABLE . I can’t describe to you in words just how good the pizza is. The crust is charred just right. A little breadcrumbs on the bottom. Just enough sauce, not too sweet. Amazing cheese that is just gooey enough.

Denino's Pizzeria in Staten Island  gets a perfect 8 of 8 slices. Yes I said it is a perfect slice, and you know Pizza Expert wouldn't let just anyone make that claim, so it must be delicious. And for dessert go right across the street to Ralph’s Ices. The original location, but that is the subject of a different website. Denino's Pizzeria & Tavern must be good according to all in Staten Island, or do you think they would get a street named after them for any other reason?  How many other pizza places you know that get this honor?

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