Deco Pizza South Beach Miami

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Deco Pizza South Beach Miami

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img_0498img_04991Well, this pizza place in South Beach goes into the file of the places I wished I had never stopped to try.  Deco Pizza in South Beach on Washington must be a chain since I passed by two of them not too far apart from each other.  Both were pretty empty, so I guess they cater to a late night crowd, which is probably too wasted to actually taste what they are eating.  My son and I split a slice here and both thought the same thing about this pizza.  Way too much garlic!

Deco Pizza in Miami Beach is a small little shop with a few pizza choices behind their glass counter top.  I ordered one slice and when the guy said it was $3.25 in an accent, I was pretty sure I misheard him.  $3.25 for a slice in this place!  Unfortunately, I heard right.  For that price, I expected this pizza to taste much better then it actually did.  Once you get past the excessive smell of the garlic, you can try to taste the rest of the pizza.  Not sure what they are covering up by using this much garlic in their blend, but something else must be terribly wrong to use this amount.

The cheese was decent, and the crust was crisp.  The thing I liked most about this slice was the amount of sauce they had on it.  It was relatively a perfect amount compared to the cheese.  If only they used a sweeter sauce and less garlic, I think they could improve this pizza dramatically!  In my opinion this pizza is better then Groovy's but far worse tasting then Gino's down the block.  Skip this place and head to Gino's instead.

I will give Deco Pizza in South Beach 3 out of 8 slices.

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