Deck 84 Delray Beach Pizza

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Deck 84 Delray Beach Pizza

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Was a bit bored the other day but equally as happy it wasn't raining. The last thing I wanted to do is be cooped up in my house doing nothing all day, so I decided to meet Herb and check out a place I have heard many people recommend to me called Deck 84 in Delray Beach. It is one of those places that you pass by regularly and never realize it is there since it is located below the ramp to cross the intracoastal heading east on Atlantic Ave.

Herb told me during one of his previous visits to Deck 84 in Delray Beach that their flatbread was delicious and I had to try it. So after figuring out how to get to Deck 84 we wandered in and grabbed a seat in the covered area outside.

Deck 84 is located on the Intracoastal Waterway in downtown Delray Beach, FL so the view is somewhat nice, even though the waterway is extremely narrow and looks more like a large stream. The outdoor bar was happening this Sunday afternoon and the live musicians added a nice touch to make this a great choice. Even before the food came, I was happy we were there.

I ordered a plain flatbread, which is just a fancy word for cracker like pizza.

When the flatbread came out, it looked tasty enough. The edges had some overflowing fresh Mozzarella cheese, and although it looked like it had excessive sauce on some spots, it just turned out to be the textured crust making it appear that way. My first bite was somewhat impressive, although the bottom crust of this pizza was quite undercooked. Based upon the top crust and edges being somewhat too well done, I am just going to guess that the maker of this flatbread didn't pay too much attention to it after throwing it in the oven.

Although the sauce didn't really taste that great, I was pleased it wasn't chunky. It actually reminded me a little bit of Ellio's Frozen Pizza taste, which isn't a bad thing for some people since they sell over $35 million worth of pizza a year. Just for me, I didn't love the sauce. The crust was good and crispy on top but soft and soggy on the bottom. The cheese tasted fantastic and I am quite impressed they put such an expensive cheese on this flatbread pizza. If Deck 84 in Delray Beach could change their sauce recipe and learn to cook these flatbreads better, they might have a flatbread that could bring me back.

Regardless of the pizza, they made a regular customer out of me, since the place was just what I needed on a lazy Sunday.

Deck 84 in Delray Beach gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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