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Davito’s Pizza Boca Raton

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A new pizza place just opened in Boca Raton named Davito's Pizza, in the Boca Greens shopping center, where Anna's Kitchen used to be. Anna's Kitchen wasn't around very long, and it was easy to tell they would close their doors or sell one day. They had a strong opening and eventually started to go down hill. Even their garlic knots started to suck. The family who owned it seemed nice enough, but sometimes nice guys don't finish first. I never thought another pizza place would take its location. Seems odd that there are two pizza places in the same shopping center out there. Stella's Pizza is also located within steps to this pizza place.

Andy and I decided to go check it out to see if it had potential. The ambiance seemed relatively the same as Anna's used to. Seriously, I do not think they changed almost anything, but then again I didn't really pay attention when I first ate there to notice if they did, in fact, make any changes. I ordered a center Sicilian Slice and then a Regular Slice once done. Andy ordered a Grandma Slice. Hopefully we will see the results of Andy's slice in another review here, for just the Grandma Slice. Right now I will only focus on the Sicilian Slice and save the regular slice review for another time.

When my slice came out it was a corner and not a center slice like I asked for. I know I ordered the slice correctly, since I speak English, not sure my server did. Upon my second visit to Davito's, the guy behind the counter yelled to me to let me know they don't have centers, they only have edges, since they cut the slices big. Now it made sense, but it would have been nice for the server on my first tasting to inform me of this. Nothing a little training couldn't solve though guys.

When I looked at the slice, it seemed reminiscent of another Sicilian Slice I have eaten many times in town. That place is named Dominic's Pizza, and it located down the road within a mile or so. When I first bit into the slice it actually almost tasted identical to Dominic's, I mean like almost exact! This made perfect sense after I left and spoke to another pizza owner in Boca Raton, who explained that the owner of Davito's Pizza in Boca Raton, used to work at Dominic's Pizza for years. It must have been his pizza recipe that made Dominic's so popular around town, or he wouldn't be able to replicate it otherwise, so perfectly.

Now for the actual description of what I tasted. Although the crust on the bottom of this slice, was well done both times I went there, it didn't seem to phase me at all. The cratered bottom of this slice, didn't taste burnt, and was still delightfully soft inside the slice. It was cooked well throughout the top as well, but still didn't make for any terrible type of taste. The sauce was sweetened enough for me to like it, and the cheese was the same quality that Dominic's uses (not sure which brand).

Davito's didn't seem too busy on both visits, so hopefully they will try to get the word out, and actually get a decent website (we are happy to assist in this). I would go back to Davito's again but if you aren't a fan of extremely well done pizza, this might not be your place. In my opinion the pizza cook shouldn't leave it in the oven so long, it isn't that busy yet to forget the slice is in the oven. I might also make sure the servers are a bit more informed on the items and a tad bit friendlier. We would love to see you succeed in this location, and based upon the success of Dominic's, there should be no reason why you would fail. Don't skimp on the quality as you move forward.

Davito's Pizza in Boca Raton, gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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