Davito’s Italian Restaurant Pizza Boca Raton – Grandma Slice

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Davito’s Italian Restaurant Pizza Boca Raton – Grandma Slice

Posted By: Andy Vitale
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When it comes to pizza, I am a fan of many different types. You have your regular, Sicilian, white, coal fired, Grandma, etc. While at Davito's Pizza, which just opened in Boca Raton, I figured I would give the Grandma slice a try. The typical Grandma slice I am used to, and have grown to enjoy, is a slice that is usually crispy with a nice garlic flavoring to it. It is not over-sauced, and normally comes with a good amount of cheese. As soon as my Grandma slice from Davito's in Boca Raton arrived, I knew something was wrong.

The slice was paper thin, and in my opinion, probably one of the thinnest grandma slices I have ever come across. There were big globs of fresh mozzarella cheese though, and I was excited to bite in and see if it was as good as the Sicilian slice I previously had here. As soon as I bit into the slice, I was like "what the heck is that?" There were whole tomato slices underneath the cheese. I don't even like too much sauce, let alone tomatoes thicker than the crust on the pizza.

I don't mind fresh mozzarella, but I don't like when my slice of pizza is dripping fresh mozzarella water/juice like a leaky faucet. I was able to find about two bites that didn't have tomato or mozzarella water and they were actually quite delicious. However, the tomatoes were way too overpowering and the mozzarella water really ruined the slice. I wouldn't recommend the Grandma slice at all. However, with that being said, I wouldn't avoid this place, since the Sicilian and Regular slices were pretty darn good.

Supposedly Davito's in Boca Raton is getting known for their Grandma Slice, so maybe it was just a bad day for me to go. Guess I will give it a second chance the next time I go in there. I have eaten there several times already. Pizza Expert really seems to enjoy their pizza as well, as is evident in his review of their Sicilian Slice. Hopefully he or I, will put up the regular slice review soon.

Davito's Pizza in Boca Raton gets 4 out 8 slices for their Grandma slice.

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