D’Amore’s Pizza Malibu, California

Many who live around Los Angeles might know D'Amore's Pizza since they have several locations. This wasn't the only D'Amore's Pizza I tried on my trip out to the West Coast. I also tried their location outside of UCLA. Both tasted similar but since I liked the Malibu location better of D'Amore's Pizza, I will solely focus on their slices.

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D’Amore’s Pizza Malibu, California

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When people think of Malibu, CA it is doubtful they think of pizza. Never have I heard someone say “hey, let’s go to Malibu and check out some pizza places.” Usually it is to go for rehab, Pepperdine, or to their wealthy beach house. Well I am one of those rare travelers who decides to embark on a journey to find good pizza. On this day I ended up in Malibu and pulled into D’Amore’s Famous Pizza.


Favourite Things
D'Amore's Pizza is located in a little strip mall on the east side of PCH. It is in the corner of the plaza and next to a health food store, which seems to be completely opposite of the food served in this small pizzeria. Upon entering D'Amores, I wasn't expecting much. Similar to Mike and Frank on American Pickers, I was just freestyling and noticed the sign. I ordered a regular slice and waited. When the girl told me the price I was astonished. It was over $4.00 with the tax. This had better be an amazing slice to charge that much.
Least Favourite Things
When the slice came out it was super hot and completely impossible to bite into. After cooling down for a few minutes, I took my first bite. This slice was actually delicious! For a moment I couldn't believe I was at some random place in Malibu, California having this slice. This was easily comparable to some of the slices I get back home in Long Island. The crust was crisp and tasty, the sauce sweet and applied evenly and the cheese (my favorite part) was excellent. The only things I would change here was the amount of oregano they applied on top of the cheese. Their pie is tasty... Read more
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