Da Vinci Pizza Water Street New York NYC

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Da Vinci Pizza Water Street New York NYC

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da_vinci.jpgdavinci.jpgThis review comes courtesy of our friend Lynn!

Working on Wall St, in NYC isn't usually the best area to find a good pizza pie. Sometimes ordering from a place that you haven't tried before is like buying a stock you have done zero research on.  Sure it could be good and end up giving you rewards, but it could also cause your stomach to drop like enron stock.

Well we found a place that is finally worthy of mentioning. Da Vinci Pizza located on Water Street tops our list of otherwise average pizza places here downtown.
The pizza is delivered HOT and fresh, just like it came right out of the oven, and to our office.  This might not seem like something that is so shocking to many of you who work in midtown, or visit through the city trying exotic pizza joints.  But for those of us who work in a financial district that have pizza places that are tailored to serve a busy lunch time crowd and serve very little after the market closes, it is hard to find a place that puts the quality and effort that is needed and/or expected to make a quality slice.  Da Vinci exceeded our expectations.

The service was fabulous and delivered with such a quick turn around that I can safely say it was the fastest around. The cheese was thick and toppings amazingly fresh.
If you take my advice and order from Da Vinci Pizza, you must try the fresh Mozzarella with basil.

The sauce was nice and sweet, and not overloaded with chunky bits of tomatos.  The cheese tasted astonishingly tasty, and one could only guess they are using Grande cheese, or some other high quality, worth the extra expense brand.

Da Vinci Pizza gets 7 out of 8 slices.

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  • 44 Water Street, NY, NY 10004