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Cucina Dell Arte Pizza Palm Beach

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Amidst the diamonds, pulled back faces, and 70 year old men with 25 year old girls in Palm Beach, lies a pretty good restaurant known as Cucina Dell Arte on Royal Ponciana. Many people, especially the younger locals (you know the ones that actually live on the island for more than two weeks a year) say this is one of the better restaurants to dine at, and to see and be seen. They especially recommend the breakfast at Cucina Dell Arte, but I was only interested in visiting there once I heard they had pizza on the menu. I do intend on going back there for breakfast one day, since the outside dining patio seemed like a really cute place to enjoy a Sunday morning meal.

Cucina Dell Arte in Palm Beach is simply decorated in mediterranean colors, and the staff was cordial and attractive. There is a bar in the center of the establishment, and kind of intrusive for those trying to walk by or around it, but that doesn't seem to stop the families and couples dining there throughout the day, especially in season.

I originally went to Cucina Dell Arte with Matt and his wife, but chose for the pasta on that night. His wife got a pizza which had a bunch of toppings, so I didn't care to partake in tasting it. I am a plain jane kind of guy when it comes to pizza. But the pizza had a beautiful crust to it, and almost looked like it was baked on a grill as opposed to a pizza oven. It looked very alluring to me, so I decided to go back and check it out again. I ordered a plain pizza which was priced at $14.00, which seemed a bit expensive for a 12 inch pie, but most things on Palm Beach Island are overpriced as a rule, so don't go to Palm Beach expecting to find a bargain anywhere on the island.

After speaking with the manager days after my dining experience, I have since learned that Cucina Dell Arte par bakes their pizza crust on a grill, to give it a nice starting taste, and the beautiful lines on the bottom of the crust. It is still kind of raw dough when it comes off the grill, so when someone orders a pizza, the cook puts the other ingredients and toppings on and puts it into a pizza oven. This process led to a delicious tasting and crispy crust when they served my pizza to me.

As you can see from the photo above, something went wrong when they took the pizza off the peel, and moved it to the pate. It cause the pizza to get all out of shape and look odd when they presented it to me. Luckily it didn't shift the cheese or sauce around, or that could have led to a different tasting pie.

The sauce was lightly applied under some pure Mozzarella cheese. This pizza had a little extra cheese, which I do not mind, and what I tasted of the sauce along the pizza journey, was average, but sweet and fruity tasting. The crust was the best part of this pizza, and I ended up eating the whole thing. It tasted charred, and baked at the same time, and had a nice splash of oil that seeped into the edges.

Cucina Dell Arte is definitely a place I would go back to, and if on the island and given a choice, I would go back anytime someone asked me where we should eat. Based upon the pizza, and previous pasta experienced, I am sure the breakfast must be amazing. I hope to go back this weekend, or next weekend to try it out.

Cucina Dell Arte in Palm Beach Florida gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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