City Pie Pizza Upper West Side Manhattan

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City Pie Pizza Upper West Side Manhattan

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After another long day on my trip to New York City, we found ourselves on the Upper West Side of Manhattan again. Since I previously tried New City Pizza the other day, I thought it would be time to try another pizza place I have never been to. We walked past City Pie and it smelled  pretty awesome, so my family and I decided to go in for a slice.

If you have never been to City Pie Pizza City Pie on the upper west side of Manhattan, you are missing a gem of a place. It is an immaculately clean and amazingly bright space, so I do not think we could classify it as a "joint" or a "hole in the wall", even though it is laid out like a typical New York counter slice place.

City Pie has some exceptionally thin pizza, and I mean this in the best of ways. Sometimes a pizza place makes their pie too thin, and it falls apart when you lift it, other times they make it thin, but then undercook it, whereas other times they make it so thin that the crust cooks too well done before the cheese does.They have a plethora of varieties to chose from, but for my tasting today, nothing beats a plain slice, especially when you are about to review it here on The crust was perfectly crisp, the sauce was smooth & sweet, and the cheese was evenly applied and cooked to perfection. Nicely done guys!

There are a lot of choices for pizza on this stretch of 72nd Street.  Happily, City Pie is one of the better ones.

City Pie Pizza gets 6 of 8 slices. I cannot wait to try some of the other pizzerias located in this part of town during my next visit to New York City.


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  • 166 W 72nd St # D New York, NY 10023-3303