City Cellar Pizza West Palm Beach City Place

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City Cellar Pizza West Palm Beach City Place

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Herb and I went to go meet a friend the other night in City Place, which is in West Palm Beach. Originally we were going to go to Bellagio, and sit outside near the fountains, but our friend decided she wanted City Cellar instead. Although I had eaten at City Cellar in West Palm Beach before, I never paid attention that they had a few pizzas on their menu. Previously I had the hamburger, and prior to that I had something else which slips my mind.

City Cellar was extremely quiet on this Monday night that we went. I think there were maybe two other tables in this huge establishment. Even the bar only had a couple of drunkards scream at a tv thinking that they could actually change something in the basketball game they were watching by throwing profanities at the little box. Another reason I have never drank or ever will. I ordered a plain pie (like usual) and waited.

My pizza came out about 10 minutes after I ordered it, and looked pretty good! I gave it a look over, and snapped a few pictures. For a place that isn't known for pizza, or never really promotes it, City Cellar sure did make an attractive pie. The sauce:cheese ratio was great, and I was actually a little excited for my first bite.

Upon lifting my first slice, it became evident that they used too much flour when preparing. You can see in the photo that there is flour in places that it shouldn't be. Simple fix, but I suppose the guy making the pizza was kind of in a rush and just wanted to put it out. They most likely do not have a pizza chef exclusively doing pizza, but I could be wrong.

Picking up the slice also revealed an undercooked bottom crust, which I found hard to believe since the pizza was perfectly cooked on the top and seemed hot and crispy enough. My first bite consisted of some good tasting cheese, and a sweet tasting lightly applied sauce. The crust tasted good, but I would have liked for it to be a little more well done on the bottom.

City Cellar Pizza in West Palm beach gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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