Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Boca Raton – For My Kids

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Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Boca Raton – For My Kids

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Recently, Chuck E. Cheese's announced a new improved pizza. This wasn't only for their Boca Raton location, but all across the country. I know many of you will say, well its about time they stopped serving us dog crap like pizza, the way Domino's does, but is better crap still crap? Now, secretly,I liked their pizza and enjoyed many afternoons with my son playing games and eating pizza. I know this could completely negate any pizza advice I give in the future, but there was something about Chuck E. Cheese pizza growing up that made me think of happy and fun times, and I took this all the way into my adult life. Now, don't get me wrong, as an adult, I realized this pizza was maybe a little bit better than some of the worst pizza out there like Domino's, but I still liked going there anyways, as the experience of the place added a bit to the taste. For any parents out there who have to sometimes sacrifice fine dining for a childlike atmosphere, you will know the compromises you make when it comes to taste. Sometimes excitement makes things just taste better.

We tried the new pizza and I have to say it was an improvement (My last review is here). The new pizza is crispier and thinner. My son was happy to tell my wife (who by the way doesn't let him get the pizza when she takes him) that the new pizza was "just like a pizzeria pizza." I think this is exactly what the mouse was going for in this new campaign. I hereby raise my rating from 4  slices to a better 4 slices.

The new Chuck E. Cheese Pizza gets 4 out of 8 slices for this visit. In my opinion, you don't really have much other choices but the pizza at Chuck E. Cheese to eat anyways while you are there.

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