“Cheese” Pizza

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“Cheese” Pizza

Posted By: Lapp
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I need to step outside reviewing for one moment here:


When did it become acceptable to ask someone if they wanted a cheese slice of pizza? Maybe it is my fault for growing up in a civilized pizza region of the world, but when you walked into a pizza place and said "give me a slice", the guy/girl behind the counter never said "what kind, a cheese slice"? Cause I guess they anticipated the NO I JUST WANT DOUGH AND SAUCE answer that would follow. Let's get something straight people of Florida and anywhere else that is as clueless when it comes to pizza, when I walk into a pizzeria and ask for a slice, it is naturally a slice with cheese. If I said I want a slice with meatballs then it would be a slice with meatballs. If pizza places want to call baked dough and sauce PIZZA, then I will rightfully agree to say I would like a Cheese Slice. But until then when I ask for a slice of pizza... I no longer want to hear some moronic response like, a cheese slice?

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