Cheescake Factory Boca Raton, FL Pizette

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Cheescake Factory Boca Raton, FL Pizette

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Since there didn't appear to be a wait at the Cheesecake Factory the other day (for a change), my wife convinced me to go and eat there. While perusing the menu, I noticed they had something I had never noticed before....Pizette's. Obviously, I ordered one and figured I would check out if it was worthy.

Although I haven't reviewed the Cheesecake Factory pizza for a while, from what I recall it wasn't half bad. It tended to be a little undercooked and runny, but the taste showed they used high quality ingredients. The Pizette was $4.95 so I wasn't sure how small it would be when it arrived, since $4.95 seems like a low price for food at the Cheesecake Factory.

After a rather long wait, my Pizette was brought to me. My initial impression was TINY! This might feed a child, but if you are hungry, you might want to order this as an appetizer.  The Pizette maker spared no expense when it came to the cheese, it was generously applied. The sauce was too chunky though in my opinion. They might want to consider straining the sauce a bit more, since the taste wasn't half bad. This Pizette would benefit from a thinner sauce.

The crust was crispy and held up nicely. It was overcooked on some parts, as is evident in the photo, but didn't have too bad a taste. Would I order this Cheesecake Factory Pizette again? Probably not, since for $4.95 it wasn't necessarily what I want. Is it worth trying once?  Yes.

The Cheesecake Factory in Boca Raton gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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