Centro Cucina Pizza Greenvale, NY

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Centro Cucina Pizza Greenvale, NY

Posted By: Mad Greek
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Mad Greek here, back home on Long Island after ten weeks of torture in West Palm Beach. It seems to me that people tend to escape reality and move down to Florida for a specific reason. Either they couldn't make it back home, or they are trying to escape something. Either way it doesn't make for a winning experience for those that try to do the right thing.

Back to reality and the best pizza in the U.S. - New York proper. Tonight's delicacy comes as a result of a two headed pizza attack, that started at Joanne's Gourmet Pizzeria in Roslyn, Long Island, where yours truly had the grandparents - thin crust grandma and grandpa. Personally I think that is an adorable name for a slice combination, I am sure someone else down in Florida will steal it after reading this.

While Joanne's sports a fine variety of pizza, it tends to fail in the department of cooking a thin crust to perfection. Joanne's Pizza rates a 5 on a scale of 8 and could easily improve. I will get to the Joanne's Pizza review at another time.

Which brings us to fine italian bistro dining in a quiet corner hideaway strip mall in Greenvale, NY. From Cucina Centro Pizza comes the art of artesian pizza.Tonight, the goal was roundly scored with The Maradona (oddly the name of a world famous coke snorting soccer star from Argentina). The Cucina Maradona is an instant classic. The Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella and the rest of a perfect stone ground well done pizza crust finishes with a gigantic smile on your face

I'm glad I ate this masterpiece and had the sense to take the other half home.

Cucina Centro in Greenvale, NY gets a  solid 7 out of 8 slices, and would have scored an 8 if I didn't have to send it back for another 2 minutes for the finish of a well done, well prepared artesian pie.

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