Cataffo’s Pizza Stony Brook, NY

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Cataffo’s Pizza Stony Brook, NY

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Although it was the tail end of one of my days touring some random pizza places on Long Island, there was always a spot which is hard to read from the road but is called Cataffo's Pizza, I wanted to try near Stony Brook. I had seen for years but never went in. Although my folks don't reside too far from there, they never went in to give it a shot either. So on the way home we pulled along side the building and went into Cataffo's Pizza.

Cataffo's Pizza in Stony Brook was nothing fancy, and looked more like the place catering to a college crowd rather than a place for family dinners. The place was pretty empty when we went, but I believe we went on kind of an off hour, so I cannot hold anything against them for that. We ordered a couple of slices and some garlic knots and began to wait.

The slice came out crispy and hot. The pizza at Cataffo's in Stony Brook was nice and thin with some good hand tossing, which made for a good size slice. We watched the pizza maker throw a few in the air. The cheese, which was lightly applied was decent enough and my only complaint about the cheese is that Cataffo's didn't use enough.

What I didn't really care for was the sauce. In my opinion Cataffo's added too much stuff to the sauce. If you want cooked sauce you put it on pasta and not on pizza. Sauce that is ready to be put on pizza should be tomato tasting. The flavors will melt together at 500 degrees, and I think that is what made me dislike the sauce here. Next time I will try their Sicilian just to see if it was an off day for them.

But let's talk about the garlic knots for a second. They were delicious here, and I will probably add Cataffo's Pizza to my regular places I stop at in town if only to go get some of the garlic knots again. So you see guys, you earned my business somehow.

Cataffo's Pizza in Stony Brook gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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  • 1320 Stony Brook Road, Stony Brook, NY 11790