Casa Del-Dio Pizza in Fern Park FL

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Casa Del-Dio Pizza in Fern Park FL

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in Fern Park, FL used to always win Best Pizza in Orlando awards in the local papers. I ate at the restaurant back then, and the pizza was good, but nothing too exceptional. Then for some reason, I thought Casa Del-Dio went out of business. I tried going to the restaurant a few times, and they were always closed and empty looking. Recently, I drove by, and they were open again, so I gave them a try. We had a large cheese pizza and some garlic bread.

The garlic bread was garlic-less. They put garlic butter/powder on the bread instead of actual garlic. That's never a good thing. The pizza tasted okay, but it was overloaded with cheese. The cheese was way out of proportion compared to the rest of the pizza. The overload of cheese kind of ruined what seemed to be a pretty good pizza otherwise. I never like it when there is more cheese than the pizza can handle, and it all overflows onto the plate while there is still plenty of cheese on the slice.

It seems other people enjoy this cheese overload because Casa Del-Dio was busy with people eating pizzas.

Casa Del-Deo gets 3 out of 8 Slices from me.

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