Carolina’s Coal Fired Pizza Delray Beach

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Carolina’s Coal Fired Pizza Delray Beach

Posted By: Matt's Pizza
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I don’t know why I let myself get excited. Every time I think I got a lead on a great new place, I am disappointed. And that’s how it was at Carolina’s. Carolina's Pizza is located on 9 SE 7th Ave. in Delray Beach Florida 33483 (561) 278-1913. This pizza place located off the main street in a house was described as pretty good to me, so I was actually excited to try it. I went with Mrs. Pizza and we ordered 2 pies, 1 plain and the other with prosciutto ricotta and meatballs. The toppings were not hot. They were not even warm. The prosciutto tasted like regular ham. And at the temperature it was on the pizza, it reminded me of a cold ham sandwich. We even sent both pies back to be heated a little more, with no real result. The plain pie was OK, nothing special. It would have been better, I suppose, If it was hot. I am sensing a theme here. And the place wasn’t even crowded. When I eat pizza I want it to make me smile. This didn’t. I don’t think I’d go back. 3 of 8 slices.

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