Carnival Restaurant Pizza Port Jefferson Station Long Island

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Carnival Restaurant Pizza Port Jefferson Station Long Island

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- Pizzeria in Port Jefferson Station the day of my departure back to Florida.  She said although the place was pretty expensive, I was worth it.  So we headed to this dreary looking shopping center out in Port Jefferson Station and tried Carnival Pizza.

Even though they have a pizza counter to order slices from, we chose to sit in the restaurant and relax, since my mother and father were there also.  I ordered just one Sicilian slice since I was not too hungry.  After waiting what could have been 20 minutes for the slice, it finally arrived after I mentioned something to waitress.  Here is just another fine example why the only thing a server can do to pizza, is ruin it.  Carnival Pizza certainly has a circus style of service!

The pizza itself was a little cold, since it most likely had been sitting on the counter waiting for the the waitress to have to go and get it. I am aware this was my fault, since I could have eaten at the counter.  The slice actually tasted ok, and my favorite aspect was how ultra soft the inside of the crust was compared to the outside.  The pizza did not lack on quality, just lacked on the delivery.  If my overall experice was better I might have given this place a higher rating.  I will give Carnival Pizza in Port Jefferson 5 out of 8 slices.  Next time I am in town I will give the counter a try and see if it tastes better fresh from the oven.

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