Capone’s Flickerlite Pizza in Hollywood

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Capone’s Flickerlite Pizza in Hollywood

Posted By: mallory
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flickerlite1flickerlitepizza.jpgEveryone in Hollywood knows Flickerlite. The servers' T-shirts say "Capone's Flickerlite," but I've only ever known the place by its second title. The guys who run it are Chicago transplants who made their way south in the 40s but established themselves as a go-to pizza place in the 80s and 90s. I ventured there after having some pretty stellar pizza on my last two visits, loaded up with veggies and meat. Again, for the sake of a fair review, I went for plain cheese with pineapple on half, medium, $10.65. Had I known these guys were Chicagoans beforehand, I would have opted for the signature deep dish. Either way, if you can't make a cheese pizza well, it doesn't matter how good your specialties are, in my opinion.

It wasn't bad. But it wasn't amazing either. The dough needed some salt and the pizza needed more sauce. I like a saucy pie. The cheese was OK but I wanted some more spice or zestiness. It did come served super hot which was a plus, and I just love the dock seating on the intercoastal. It's hard to complain about a place that you can pull your boat up to, have a cold beer and some hot food. I will say that they do a lot of other things well (seafood, burgers), but it originally was strictly pizza, so I can't give them bonus points for that stuff. If you're on a boat in the intercoastal and trolling the waters for pizza I'd tell you to stop there. If you're just in the area, I'd say cross over A1A and venture over to the boardwalk. 5 slices out of 8.

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