Canyon Ranch Pizza Tucson Arizona

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Canyon Ranch Pizza Tucson Arizona

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Matt's pizza and I went to Canyon Ranch Tucson in Arizona for a week of healthy eating and plenty of exercise. We were certainly not expecting to see such indulgent lunch items like hamburgers and pizza on the menu at the Double U cafe by the pool.We tried to stay away as long as we could partaking in the daily relaxation that this trip was supposed to provide us.

Pizza!!! By day 3 we caved in and indulged. Well, if you call 280 calories for a cheese slice indulging. We called it happiness. Actually anyone who visits the Canyon Ranch and has this pizza will most likely agree with me that this pizza was pure happiness after all the exercises.

The pizza at the Canyon Ranch in Tucson was on a very thin whole wheat crust topped with Canyon Ranch pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese. The crust was tasty and crisp while the lightly applied sauce had a nice blend of spices and tasted pretty good. The cheese was ooey and gooey enough to satisfy that comfort food craving. It wasn't nearly as bad as one might have anticipated it to possibly be. Although the slice wasn't enormous, it was enough for me during this lunch.

Never did I think that I would believe a low calorie pizza could taste so good. The pizza at Canyon Ranch isn't something I would fly all the way back to Arizona for, but considering it was on the menu, if you happen to be vacationing there, it wouldn't be that bad of an idea for you to go and take a try.

I give Canyon Ranch Pizza in Tucson Arizona 5 out of 8 slices. And it didn't negate a whole morning of exercise.

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