Cannoli Kitchen Boca Raton Florida Frozen Pizza

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Cannoli Kitchen Boca Raton Florida Frozen Pizza

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Went with Jim to Cannoli Kitchen on Federal Highway in Boca Raton for some Pizza Saturday.  I have eaten at Cannoli Kitchen dozens of times, and I never understood why this place (like every other place) is rated #1.  Sometimes I wish the magazines or newspapers giving out these (what seems like paid for) reviews would consult with me.....for free! 

Cannoli Kitchen does have BIG slices of pizza, and certainly have a vast assortment of ready made slices.  Unfortunately most slices range from $3.00 - over $4.00!  So just to get my 1 Sicilian and 1 regular slice plus a 16oz Coca Cola cost me almost $10.00.

The Cannoli Kitchen happens to be one of the few places in Boca Raton, that actually allows you to order your slice and then sit down without a waitress.  Although the seats are extremely uncomfortable it helps keep people moving after they eat.  The taste of the pizza is not that bad here, but it is DEFINITELY not a #1 rated place according to my finely tuned taste buds.  The Sicilian is mostly bread and lacks quality taste, and seems to always be undercooked.  Sometimes even freezing in the center, which is to be expected when the slice is this big and it is mostly bread.  The regular wasn't too shabby, but I tasted mostly dough and not pizza.  The dough didn't taste too bad though.  I will not avoid Cannoli Kitchen if I am hungry, but you will never find me going out of my way because I am craving a slice from there either.  If you are rich, and you are hungry, and you happen to pass it, I would stop in and grab something.

Oh, one other thing that The Cannoli Kitchen does which cracks me up:

Instead of throwing away their extra slices, they put them in a ziplock bag and resell them at $1.98 a slice!  So if you are too dumb and lazy to buy a pie and freeze your own slices, you can go and get their left overs and heat them up instead.  This has got to be the best schtick in pizza I have seen down here for a while, almost ingenius!  And people actually seem to buy them......there is one born every minute!

I will give The Cannoli Kitchen in Boca Raton 4 out of 8 slices.

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