Campania Pizza & More Southlake Suburb of Dallas

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Campania Pizza & More Southlake Suburb of Dallas

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campania.jpgcampania_pizza.jpgAfter being hyped up about Coal Vine Pizza in Southlake, my excitement was quickly diminished as we went there for lunch, only to find out it was closed.  The next best choice according to my host was Campania Pizza & More in the Southlake City Center.

We entered Campania and immediately noticed the interesting decor of the place.  It was open, bright, airy, and super clean.  Felt comfortable right away, which is a nice way to start off your pizza dining experience.  The waiter eventually came over and took our drink order, and I asked him a few questions about the menu.  Our server must have been new, as he showed his lack of knowledge with each question we asked.  Every question, led to him going to ask someone else for the proper answer.  Campania might want to readdress their training practices.

I was a bit perplexed with the sizes of the lunch pizza and their other pizzas.  The table next to me had a decent size individual pizza so I asked for the same size.  When my pie came out and I compared it to Joel's pie, mine was evidently smaller.  When the waiter returned to the table I asked him if he gave me the wrong size since Joel got the smaller lunch special and i got the 10".  He told me it was an optical illusion and that they were the same size, but mine was placed on a metal tray, which made it seem smaller.

Never one to believe what I am told, I removed my pie and put it on Joel's plate, to prove my pie was in fact at least a couple of inches smaller.  This was very inconsistent and I am surprised they could screw up a pie like this. Outside of the size, the pizza looked very appealing to me as I grabbed my first slice.  Upon biting into this pie, I noticed how my hands looks liked they were playing in wet sand at the beach.  Way too much flour was used on the bottom of this pizza.  If you look at the photo above you can see it sitting on the outer crust as well.  Reminiscent of the rim you find on a childs bucket of sand.

The cheese here was the best part of the pizza.  It was fresh, and melted perfectly, and had a prolific orange coloring.  The sauce was kind of bland, and although I liked how sparsely it was put on, it still could have benefited by having some taste.  Outside the crust having an abundance of flour, it wasn't the worst crust I have had around town.  For Dallas pizza, this could be one of the better places I have tried.  During my next visit into town I will try Coal Vine, and if it doesn't taste as good as the locals say, I might declare Campania my favorite in town.

In my opinion Campania gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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