Campagnolo in Boca Raton Will Re-open in New Location

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Campagnolo in Boca Raton Will Re-open in New Location

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campagnolo.pngLots of rumors are circulating around town about Campagnolo leaving their Boca Raton location in the middle of the night.  Campagnolo used to be located in the Regency shops, on the corner of Jog and Yamato.

Although their pizza was nothing worth mentioning, they did claim to have a $100,000 oven in the kitchen.  Hopefully they managed to sneak this out.  Campagnolo had some nice pasta dishes, and the service was always exceptional.  Sad to see them close, but I guess their rent was too much to handle.  They had way too much space in that location anyways.

Personally, if I was the landlord, I would have allowed them to move into a smaller space in the plaza instead of losing them entirely.  Most landlords are ridiculously stupid, and forget about the hardships most business owners are facing during these impoverished times.

Well for all of you Campagnolo fans out there, don't be too upset.  We just received word from a reliable source that they are planning on re-opening in Boca Raton sometime soon.  It appears they will take over the location that formerly housed Cafe D'Angelo on Glades road, just west of the turnpike...on the south side.  As we receive more updates, we will let you know.

I am sure Campagnolo will not be the last tenant to walk away from their plaza.  Rents are exorbitant.

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