Campagnolo – Boca Raton – Florida

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Campagnolo – Boca Raton – Florida

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A new place just opened up in town called Campagnolo. This new Italian Restaurant replaced Vitos which was truly awful, so I am happy we have a new place to choose from. So my next door neighbor and I gave it about 1 week to open before we tried it and then we decided to embark on our adventure there.

The place was pretty crowded as is expected, since all the snobby gossipy nearby residents needed to be the first to eat there so they can tell everyone how bad it is, since it took the waiter more then 3 seconds to bring them a free refill. I opted to sit at the bar and talk with the extremely friendly bar tender named Mike I think.....

I asked Mike if I should try the pizza or just have pasta the first time I was there. He told me that they have a $ 100,000 pizza oven in the back and that the pizza was incredible. Now, after hearing you think I would not have tried it? He told me the pizza bakes in 2-3 minutes. Some people might like the fact that their pie comes out in 2-3 minutes, but like a fine wine, sometimes pizza needs a nice slow cooling as well, which was evident when the pie came out. I explained the kind bar tender that I would be reviewing this pizza and that he might want to steer me away from it if there was anything wrong, and he encouraged me to eat it so I did.

The pizza took longer then 2-3 minutes, but when it came out it was certainly hot. Problem with cooking it that fast, is you cannot get an even cook out of it, which is evident in the photos. My first bite was nothing to brag about, other then it managed to burn the roof of my mouth. As the pie cooled down I was able to taste the crust and cheese which were decent, but I really did not like the sauce here. It was bland and lacked some form of sweetness. If Campagnolo in Boca Raton could manage to cook up a new pizza sauce recipe, I think this pizza would be something I would frequent. Anyways I will have to give it 5 out of 8 slices for now since the crust and the cheese were at least good, until I try it again.

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