Camilli’s Pizza Lake Park, FL

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Camilli’s Pizza Lake Park, FL

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After finally buying an Eco-Friendly car, we decided to celebrate and go try out the pizza place which my salesperson said was the best in the area. Since I never seem to learn who I listen to when it comes to pizza suggestions, I for some odd reason trusted him, and went to Camilli's Pizza in Lake Park. Even though I know this has nothing to do with the review, Lake Park must have been nice in its day (it certainly isn't anymore). It has all the makings for a real cute southern main street, but somehow let the outside elements get to it, and now it just appears desolate and run down.

Normally if a place is open for 42 years, like Camilli's Pizza, it is safe to say that they are either really damn good, or all of the other places are just really bad. I naturally thought the first statement would be suitable, since this old looking inconspicuous pizza joint, was kind of busy during the off hour we went. The young server came to the table in the arcade section of this dated place. We had no idea where to sit, if we were even seated in the right section, if we should order at the counter or wait. We ordered a plain pie and some garlic bread with cheese.

When the pizza came to the table I noticed it was cut in squares. How chic of them to cut pizza in such a novel fashion. It reminded me of the pizza I used to get at Pepe's Pizza in Norway. So I grabbed a slice of this pie, and tried to keep it from sagging over too much, since it was extremely flimsy. The slice had light sauce, and just the right amount of cheese, so at least it had that going for it. My first bite revealed an odd taste. This didn't taste like regular pizza dough, as a matter of fact it almost tasted like wheat or something. Whatever it was, it was severely lacking sugar in the crust. We later found out after asking the waiter that they mix their dough with wheat and flour. I found it odd it didn't say this anywhere on their menu, and that the server didn't mention it to us. I guess after 42 years of serving the regulars, they assume everyone just knows.

The sauce, although properly applied, was completely bland, and really didn't provide me with the taste I was looking for. The cheese tasted good, and if I had to guess I would say it was a Papa Mozzi brand. I do not think that Camilli's tries to serve a bland pie, actually the opposite. They truly appear to put care and pride in each pizza the kid behind the counter was making. In my opinion the sauce should get sweetened and they must do something with the crust to put some flavor into it.

Camilli's Pizza in Lake Park gets 4 out of 8 slices.

By the way, they offer to go cups with drinks, which is a nice touch, and something that shows their love for their customers.

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