Cabana Bar & Grille Pizza Ocean Club Resorts – Turks & Caicos Islands

6/ 8
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Cabana Bar & Grille Pizza Ocean Club Resorts – Turks & Caicos Islands

Posted By: Mike L
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What kind of person goes to The Turks & Caicos Islands and orders pizza? A true pizza expert, that’s who.

So I’m at an ocean-front grill on Provinciales ordering a pizza with the claim that: “Jeff is the first person to serve pizza on Provo. Jeff’s formula for a great pie lives on.” Don’t know who Jeff is—I suppose the pizza creator.

My server recommended that I have the “Chicken” – a pie with grilled chicken, sun-dried tomato, goat cheese with a garlic pesto base. The 10” pie came out looking nice (a 6 on presentation) and was served with an island smile. The first bite of any pizza means everything and I could taste the blend on first bite. The chicken was a bit on the thin side and thus after getting cozy with the oven, was a bit dry. But the moist sun dried tomatoes countered and leveled off the tasting field. The pesto was delicious, and this reviewer can still taste it the next day (while not being obnoxiously overpowering). I did no back flips tasting this creation, nor did the two tourists I shared the pie with. Actually they were more enthused that this reviewer.

The only let down in this pizza experience was an absence of a pie unique to the Turks & Caicos. No grouper pie, no conch pie, etc. I would have loved something more unexpected while this pie did in fact deliver.

Overall, I’d give it 6 out of 8 slices. It was served in the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen pizza being served.

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